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Salesforce Data Dictionary Creator

Rapid and Easy Export of Salesforce Field Metadata

SDDC is a Windows desktop application that can very rapidly create a Data Dictionary or Field Map based on objects you select from your org. It is primarily designed to be useful for administrators, developers, and consultants, who may be working on a configuration, application, data migration, or integration.

Data flow diagram of SDDC's operation.
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Video Demo

5 minutes of your life you'll never get back.

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3-Step Wizard

Presumably better than a 4-Step Wizard.

The three step wizard is fast and intuitive, allowing you to save your export settings at each step along the way, and switch between object sets and configuraitons easily. After generating the export you want, subsequent exports can occur in just 3 clicks (< 20 seconds).

Step 1: Log into Salesforce

Step 2: Select objects

Step 3: Export!

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Export Styles

Fine international fashion.

There are two primary export styles: the Data Dictionary is geared towards administrators and developers; and the Field Map adds additional formatting and formulas to aid data migration and integration resources. For either export option, you may also choose to condense all objects into a single Schema tab.

Data Dictionary style

Field Map style

Condensed schema

Please note, for the Field Map style export screenshot, columns J, K, L, and N are blank when the export is created. This screenshot shows an exmaple of what a field map might look like while being actively worked on: mapped fields on top, unmapped fields on bottom, clear divider in the middle with room for from / join / where clauses; field mappings added to columns J and K; mapping instructions in column L; and raw SQL code in column N.

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Additional Features

Doodads and knick-knacks.

Field filters allow you to exclude fields from export, matching by field name for all objects, or field + object name, or based on read/write status against standard, custom, or managed fields. Various other tabs give you an excellent view of the data model, including a tab showing a high level object summary, as well as a tab displaying all record types and picklist values.

Field Filters

Object Summary

Picklists and Record Types

Many other automation features increase the speed at which you can export a field map or data dictionary, including type-search for objects (to find and select objects more quickly), saving credentials for auto-login (salted AES encryption), and saving object sets (useful for switching between multiple orgs or projects).

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Product Roadmap

Even greater things are coming!

There are many enhancements that I plan on adding that should make SDDC even more useful. The current priority list looks something like this:

  • Automatic delta comparison of current metadata against a previous snapshot to show added/updated/deleted configuration.
  • Advanced Field Map export option, for more rapid data migration and integration development.
  • Customized data type columns for additional database engines besides MS-SQL, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Add tabs for additional metadata types (eg, Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Apex Triggers)

If there is something that you wish SDDC could do that isn't on this list, please let me know on the About page! We may be able to squeeze it in, just for you!


SDDC licenses can be purchased here:


Latest version: 1.04

Portable installation. Extract all files to a directory (eg, c:\Program Files\SDDC) and create a shortcut to the exe on your desktop.

SDDC currently only works in a Windows environment. It can be run without a license, but will not be able to export any spreadsheets.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2

Version History

SDDC 1.04 (2024.06.14)

  • Updated API version to v61.0.

SDDC 1.03 (2023.02.07)

  • New page layouts tab, showing page layouts and their buttons, quick actions, fields, and related lists.
  • New column to indicate whether or not a field is used on a page layout.
  • Object categories expanded to indicate Custom Settings and Custom Metadata Types.
  • Object search now properly detects underscores.

SDDC 1.02 (2023.01.26)

  • Added ability to download field Descriptions (not just the Help Text!)
  • Added ability to save multiple separate object sets in step 2.
  • Saving an object set now give you a count of saved/added/removed objects, and a list of removed objects.
  • Loading an object set now give you a count of loaded/missing objects, and a list of missing objects.
  • Object list (summary tab) now includes the 3-character prefix code for that object.
  • Fixed two minor UI bugs with Next button being enabled when it should not be.
  • Updated API version to v56.0.

SDDC 1.01 (2023.01.10)

  • Merged Record Type and Picklist tabs for spreadsheet export.
  • Updated API version to v55.0.

SDDC 1.00 (2021.05.27)

  • Public-ready release!
  • Updated API Version to v49.0

Full version history and program notes can be found in the about.txt file.