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Because no company can be successful without one!

The primary goal at Aegis Softworks is to create software that will make your life easier, and save you hours upon hours of precious time. This should allow you to... do more work! Or do more important work. Or do no work at all, that is also an option.

For right now, the only polished and public-ready application that we have released is SDDC. But there are several other projects that have been in the works for a while that should prove useful to anyone that frequently uses a SQL Server. Stay tuned...

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Because this page needed some more content.

-- Who are you? --

Batman. Obviously.

-- Why is your web page so boring? --

Because even if it's ugly, you can still be proud of something that you've built with your own two hands!

-- Why didn't you code SDDC in Java and make it multi-platform? --

After decades of using Windows machines and Microsoft SQL Server and various other Microsoft products, building something with Visual Studio and C# kind of felt like a natural fit.

-- You can run C#/.NET programs on a Mac now, dummy. --

That's not a question. Also, I'm old, okay, give me a break!

-- I can't believe you're not taking this seriously. --


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I haven't historically cared too much about social media, but the modern world seems to demand that we at least have accounts, so...

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