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15->18 Char Salesforce ID Converter

Because Excel doesn't have a built-in function for this.

Paste your list of Salesforce IDs into the left-hand box below, and then click Convert!

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Fun Facts about Salesforce IDs

So you can finally win the Trivia segment of your next departmental meeting.

  • 15-character Salesforce IDs are case-sensitive, while 18-character Salesforce IDs are not (you probably already knew that one though).
  • Using a 15-character Salesforce ID in a non-case-sensitive environment (eg, Excel, SQL Servers) can cause false matches (eg, vlookup, joins).
  • Salesforce IDs are GLOBALLY unique! Once an ID is created, it will never be created ever again, anywhere!
  • ... except when you create a Full or Partial sandbox!
  • Each character of a Salesforce ID can be one of 62 different symbols (a-z, A-Z, 0-9).
  • The first 3 characters (1, 2, 3) of the Salesforce ID determines what Salesforce object it belongs to.
  • The next 2 characters (4, 5) of the Salesforce ID determines what Salesforce server it belongs to.
  • The next 1 character (6) is unused, and can be tapped by Salesforce in the future, as needed.
  • The next 9 characters (7 - 15) are used as the unique record identifier.
  • The final 3 characters (16, 17, 18) are optional, and are used to determine the case (uppercase, lowercase) of the previous 15 characters.

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Multiple Salesforce ID's should be separated by line breaks or by commas.

Lines that fail conversion will output as a blank line (eg, not 15 characters).

Conversion speed relies on local machine hardware (dev test converted 1,048,576 rows from Excel in 9 seconds) (Ryzen 9 3900X).


This converter tool transmits no data.

The conversion happens entirely locally, using Javascript.

We collect no data at all, for visits to or usage of this page.

Also, nobody wants your Salesforce IDs anyway. They contain no sensitive data.