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Salesforce Data Dictionary Creator

Rapid and Easy Export of Salesforce Field Metadata

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Product Information

This order page is for purchasing one or more SDDC licenses.

  • One SDDC License costs $100 and is good for 1 year.
  • Licenses are not to be shared - one user per license.
  • There are no limits on how many SF orgs you can export metadata from.
  • You are entitled to free program updates for the duration of your license.
  • Product support is freely available via email, phone, or screenshare.

By purchasing this product, you agree to adhere to the End User License Agreement below.

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Subtotal: $100.00
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End User License Agreement

These things are dumb, but apparently I have to write one anyway.


Company: Aegis Softworks

Application: SDDC (Salesforce Data Dictionary Creator)

Agreement: This End User License Agreement

You: The purchaser of the software license.

Device: A computer. Probably Windows, but I suppose Linux running some sort of emulator could work too.

License Grant

Company grants You a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferrable, limited right to install and use the Application on a single Device owned and controlled by You, and to access and use the Application on such Device strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of this License, the Usage Rules, and any service agreement associated with your Device. You agree to be bound by all terms, conditions, and agreements which constitute this Agreement.

Restrictions on Use

You shall use the Application strictly in accordance with the terms of this License and shall not: (a) decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive the source code of, or decrypt the Application or any files that it generates; (b) make any modification, adaptation, improvement, enhancement, translation, or derivative work from the Application; (c) violate any applicable laws, rules, or regulations in connection with Your access or use of the Application; (d) remove, alter, or obscure any proprietary notice (including any notice of copyright or trademark) of Company or its affiliates, partners, suppliers, or the licensors of the Application; (e) install, use, or permit the Application to exist on more than one Device at a time; (f) distribute the Application to multiple Devices; (g) make the Application available over a network or other environment permitting access by multiple Devices or users at the same time; (h) use the Application for creating a product, service, or software that is, directly or indirectly, competitive with or in any way substitute for any services, product, or software offered by Company; (i) use the Application with any external automation tools to send automated queries to any website or send unsolicited emails; or (j) use any proprietary information or interfaces of Company or other intellectual property of Company in the design, development, manufacture, licensing, or distribution of any applications, accessories, or devices for use with the Application.

Infringement Acknowledgement

You and Company acknowledge and agree that, in the event of a third party claim that the Application or Your possession or use of the Application infringes any third party's intellectual property rights, You (and not Company) will be responsible for the investigation, defense, settlement, and discharge of any such claim of intellectual property infringement. You will, however, promptly notify Company in writing of such a claim.


Company may, in its sole and absolute discretion, at any time and for any or no reason, suspend or terminate this License and the rights afforded to You hereunder with or without prior notice. Furthermore, if You fail to comply with any terms and conditions of this License, then this License and any rights afforded to You hereunder shall terminate automatically, without any notice or other action by Company. Upon the termination of this License, You shall cease all use of the Application and uninstall the Application.

Data Collection

Company will collect the following information about You during the ordering and purchasing process: first name, last name, email address, ip address. Company will collect the following information when Application runs: license id, hashed machine fingerprint id, date of export, number of objects exported, number of fields exported. Company will use this information for license validation, and for improving the product. Company will never collect any personal information from your machine. Company will never attempt to retrieve your encrypted settings.xml file or any of its contents. Company will never sell or share your personal information to any third party, ever.

Disclaimer of Warranties

You acknowledge and agree that the application is provided on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis, and that your use of or reliance upon the Application and by any third party content and services accessed thereby is at your sole risk and discretion. Company and its affiliates, partners, suppliers, and licensors hereby disclaim any and all representations, warranties, and guaranties regarding the Application and third party content and services, whether express, implied, or statutory, and including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a practical purpose, and non-infringement. Furthermore, Company and its affiliates, partners, suppliers, and licensors make no warranty that (a) the Application or third party content will meet your requirements; (b) the Application or third party content and services will be uninterrupted, accurate, reliable, timely, secure, or error-free; (c) the quality of any products, services, information, or other material accessed or obtained by You through the Application will be as represented or meet your expectations; or (d) any errors in the Application or third party content and services will be corrected. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by You from Company or from the Application, shall create any agreement or contractual obligation.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall Company or its affiliates, partners, suppliers, or licensors, be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or exemplary damages arising out of or in connection with Your access or use of or inability to access or use the Application and any third party content and services, whether or not the damages were foreseeable and whether or not company was advised of the possibility of such damages. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Company's aggregate liability to you (whether under contract, tort, statute, or otherwise) shall not exceed the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00). The foregoing limitations will apply even if the above stated remedy fails of its essential purpose.


Latest version: 1.03

Portable installation. Extract all files to a directory (eg, c:\Program Files\SDDC) and create a shortcut to the exe on your desktop.

SDDC currently only works in a Windows environment. It can be run without a license, but will not be able to export any spreadsheets.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2

Version History

SDDC 1.03 (2023.02.07)

  • Done: New page layouts tab, showing page layouts and their buttons, quick actions, fields, and related lists.
  • Done: New column to indicate whether or not a field is used on a page layout.
  • Done: Object categories expanded to indicate Custom Settings and Custom Metadata Types.
  • Done: Object search now properly detects underscores.

SDDC 1.02 (2023.01.26)

  • Added ability to download field Descriptions (not just the Help Text!)
  • Added ability to save multiple separate object sets in step 2.
  • Saving an object set now give you a count of saved/added/removed objects, and a list of removed objects.
  • Loading an object set now give you a count of loaded/missing objects, and a list of missing objects.
  • Object list (summary tab) now includes the 3-character prefix code for that object.
  • Fixed two minor UI bugs with Next button being enabled when it should not be.
  • Updated API version to v56.0.

SDDC 1.01 (2023.01.10)

  • Merged Record Type and Picklist tabs for spreadsheet export.
  • Updated API version to v55.0.

SDDC 1.00 (2021.05.27)

  • Public-ready release!
  • Updated API Version to v49.0

Full version history and program notes can be found in the about.txt file.